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10Best.com Techno – As we know, Apple has always been a pioneer in various innovations in the world of technology, especially gadgets. One of Apple’s extraordinary products is iOS, which has been the trigger for the development of today’s smartphones.

iOS is exclusive and special only for Apple mobile devices. And because it’s been developed longer than Android, iOS is more efficient and powerful and supports a variety of great apps. Lots of great iPhone & iPad apps for photo editing, video editing and camera apps that you probably won’t find on the Android OS.

In this article, we will discuss the best iOS video editing application, which is easy to use for beginners or there are also pros and has many features, as well as iPhone & iPad video editing applications which are the current trend for Youtube, Vlogs, video editing for social media such as Tiktok. , make short films, or even be able to make movies on iPhone and iPad.

The iOS video editing application that we chose is also mostly exclusive only on iPhone & iPad. Offers a selection of advanced features, with an application display that is simple and easy to understand and use. Even for an iPhone whose screen isn’t as wide as the iPad though. Check out the following recommendations.

Best iOS Video Editing Application Recommendations

1. LumaFusion (iPhone & iPad)


LumaFusion is a great iPhone & iPad video editing app for pros or content creators like YouTubers who are serious about creating quality video content. This video editing application is exclusive only for iOS. Where LumaFusion has been widely used for making films, video clips or journalists to edit videos quickly.

The appearance of the application is very similar to Final Cut Pro X, even the features it offers are just as sophisticated and there is HDR support with 10-bit processing to easily manage capturing video content using the iPhone 12 Pro and above.

Customization for exporting video files is also complete. Various options are available such as different resolutions, quality and frame rates, as well as exporting audio and video separately. There’s even XML export support to Final Cut Pro.

2. iMovie (iPhone & iPad)


For loyal Apple users, iMovie is certainly no stranger to applications. Because this application is default on a Mac or iPhone. So if you are a beginner, try first to edit videos using this iMovie. Because the video editing feature of iMovie is very easy to use and practical. It still has simple video editing, such as adding titles, filters, music, sound, text, or adding photos, emoji and stickers to videos.

iMovie also supports 4K formats and there has been a support update for iPhone 12 Pro HDR content and above.

3. Clips (iPhone & iPad)

Apple Clips

Apple Clips is a video editing application that is simple and very easy to use, a simple solution for those of you who don’t want to be complicated or don’t have the time, skill or desire to learn video editing applications as complex as Final Cut or even iMovie.

This Apple Clips app is more suitable for kids and families, a great lightweight video editing app for Snapchat stories and for creating Instagram Reels on iPhone. Clips allows users to cut short videos and photos, add filters, emoji and music.

Clips really offers a super simple way to combine videos and images into one fun and interesting package for you to share on your social media accounts.

4. Adobe Premiere Rush (iPhone & iPad)

Adobe Premiere Rush

If previously what we recommended above was mostly a video editing application that was exclusive only on the iPhone or iPad, Adobe Premiere Rush is different. This application is available for all platforms, even on Android.

Because it is available for many devices, Adobe Premiere Rush is very flexible to use. We can work on video projects to be edited on a Windows PC, Mac or tablet. Moreover, Adobe Premiere Rush has complete features, great for content creators who often make videos.

The interface of the Adobe Premiere Rush application is also well-designed with large icons and panels that make it very easy for standard video editing tasks, such as dragging and dropping footage onto the timeline, correcting colors, mixing music, or adding titles and transitions.

The focus of Adobe Premiere Rush is to be able to quickly create video content for uploading it to social media. For example, automatically converting videos to a certain aspect ratio with the required level of quality. Making it the perfect choice for YouTubers, content creators on TikTok, IG and more.

5. Quik (iPhones & iPads)


Quik is a video editing application on the iPhone that is indeed a complement to GoPro. This application has excellent features for controlling GoPro devices remotely and editing GoPro footage. Where this application can be set to automatically import footage from GoPro. We can synchronize clips with music, add photos, titles and more easily.

In the latest version, Quik has a cleaner workflow view and is easier to use on the small screen iPhone and released five new GoPro Original music tracks for video editing.

6. Filmmaker Pro (iPhone & iPad)

Filmmaker Pro

Filmmaker Pro is another great app for editing videos on iPhone. This video editing app comes packed with some good pro features, including 30 filters, 17 transitions, and an Audiometer. There are also features for video grading, great green screen editing support and has lots of nice and cool fonts totaling almost 200 fonts. In the latest update, there is the addition of a High Dynamic Range video editing feature and choosing how many times the audio track is repeated.

You can download Filmmaker Pro for free, but there is an in-app purchase option for more complete features. For free users, there will be watermarks on the video. You must subscribe if you want to remove the watermark. In other words, think of this as a paid, subscription-based app, and the initial free download is just for the trial.

7. Inshots (iPhone & iPad)


Next is Inshot which is a great iPhone video editing application for social media needs such as Reel, IGTV or Tiktok. The reason is, Inshot is an image-editing application as well as a video that has many special features for creating short video clips on social media.

The interface of the application is clear and easy to use, besides that Inshot is also quite light and easy to import, cut and edit video clips, then add filters, stickers, text, emoji and other things like music and sound effects for free. Even though it’s free, this application has advertisements and videos that are made will have a watermark. But you can remove ads and watermarks, if you subscribe monthly. There are also one-time in-app purchases for more advanced features.

8. VITA (iPhone & iPad)


VITA is a good and complete free video editing application recommendation for iPhone. This app also has no in-app purchases or subscriptions.

While you can choose to start a new project, there are also a number of ready-made templates you can choose from to make creating video content quicker and easier. The template consists of various categories to choose from, and we can also see how many other community members use the template.

Other great features include the ability to add slow-motion and speed-up videos, apply filters for color grading, as well as the ability to create videos from photos. Once done, export the result in full HD quality.

9. VideoShop – Video Editor (iPhone & iPad)


Videoshop is a great free iPhone video editing app that is very popular. The features are also complete and we record video clips directly from within the application, or import them from the gallery.

Like most video editing applications, we can add text, narration, combine several videos into one, and much more. You can also edit the tilt shift of the video and add transitions between clips.

Once you’re done editing, the app compiles the video, and you can add themes, and filter to the finished video as well as add titles, author names, and more. The app also offers the ability to export finished videos to various media such as Dropbox or sharing platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

10. Videocraft (iPhone & iPad)

Videocraft is a great video editing app for iPhone for beginners. This application is highly recommended for those of you who want to add songs, motion editing, text, blur and much more. Videocraft is one of the most favorite applications on the iPhone. The results of editing can be directly shared on Facebook, IG and uploaded to YouTube.

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