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Jakarta (ANTARA) – The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) will immediately recall Supreme Court Justice Gazalba Saleh (GS) who is a suspect in the development of the alleged bribery case at the Supreme Court (MA).

“Then the GS issue, of course, is on the agenda,” said KPK Deputy for Execution and Enforcement Karyoto at the KPK’s Red and White Building, Jakarta, Thursday.

The KPK has not detained the suspect GS because he did not attend the summons on Monday (28/11).

Meanwhile, two other suspects who were also named as joint suspects with GS have been detained, namely Prasetio Nugroho (PN) as a Judicial Judge/Alternate Registrar at the Criminal Chamber and assistant to Supreme Court Justice GS and Redhy Novarisza as staff of Supreme Court Justice GS. All three are parties to the case.

However, Karyoto did not explain in detail about the time of summoning GS. “In the near future they will be summoned,” he said.

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Previously, the KPK had named 10 suspects in the case. As beneficiaries are non-active Supreme Court Justice Sudrajad Dimyati (SD), Judicial Judge/Substitute Registrar of MA Elly Tri Pangestu (ETP), two civil servants at the Registrar’s Office MA Desy Yustria (DY) and Muhajir Habibie (MH) and two civil servants MA namely Nurmanto Akmal (NA ) and Albasri (AB).

Meanwhile, the suspects as bribe givers were Yosep Parera (YP) and Eko Suparno (ES) as lawyers as well as two private parties/KSP ID debtors Heryanto Tanaka (HT) and Ivan Dwi Kusuma Sujanto (IDKS).

As for the construction of the case that ensnared GS and friends, the KPK revealed that it began in early 2022 regarding an internal dispute within the Intidana (ID) saving and loan cooperative. Then, there were reports of criminal cases and civil lawsuits which continued until the trial process at the Semarang District Court.

Then, YP and ES were appointed by HT as lawyers to accompany the two legal processes.

Regarding the criminal case, HT reported Budiman Gandi Suparman as the administrator of KSP ID because of the falsification of deeds and decisions at the first level at the Semarang District Court with the defendant Budiman being declared acquitted.

The next legal step is that the prosecutor submits an appeal to the Supreme Court. HT then assigned YP and ES to participate in overseeing the cassation process at the Supreme Court so that the cassation submission was granted.

Because YP and ES know each other well and are used to working with DY as one of the staff at the Supreme Court Registrar to condition the decision, it is used through the DY channel with an agreement to provide money in the amount of around 202 thousand Singapore dollars (equivalent to Rp. 2.2 billion).

For the decision conditioning process, DY also invited NA, who is also a staff at the Supreme Court Registrar’s Office. Furthermore, NA communicated again with RN as staff of the Supreme Court Justices GS and PN as an assistant to the Supreme Court Justices GS as well as a confidant of GS.

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One of the members of the panel of judges appointed to decide on the case against the defendant Budiman at that time was GS.

The wishes of HT, YP, and ES regarding the conditioning of the cassation decision were fulfilled with the defendant Budiman being found guilty and sentenced to 5 years in prison.

The KPK suspects that in conditioning the cassation decision previously there had also been payment of case management fees through DY, which was then divided between DY, NA, RN, PN, and GS. Meanwhile, the source of money used by YP and ES during the decision-conditioning process at the Supreme Court came from HT.

Next, as a realization of the promise to provide money, YP and ES also handed over money for handling the case at the Supreme Court in cash in the amount of around 202 thousand Singapore dollars through DY. Meanwhile, the plan to distribute the 202 thousand Singapore dollars from DY to NA, RN, PN and GS is still being developed further by the KPK investigation team.

Reporter: Benardy Ferdiansyah
Editor: Chandra Hamdani Noor


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