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Sukabumi, West Java (ANTARA) – Personnel from the Sukabumi City Police Criminal Investigation Unit uncovered a case of misuse of subsidized diesel fuel (BBM) in Babakan Village, Sukabumi Regency, West Java.

“In this case, we also arrested three suspects with the initials AG (35), YAS (39) and S (21) at RT 04/02, Babakan Village, Cisaat District,” said Sukabumi City Police Chief AKBP SY Zainal Abidin in Sukabumi on Thursday.

According to Zainal, the disclosure of the case of subsidized fuel abuse began with a report from the public to the Cisaat Police, who then coordinated with the Sukabumi City Police to carry out an investigation.

After reconnaissance, joint personnel from the Sukabumi City Police Criminal Investigation Unit (Satreskrim) and the Cisaat Police Criminal Investigation Unit raided a warehouse where subsidized fuel was stored.

In addition to arresting the three suspects, his side also confiscated a number of other pieces of evidence. These three suspects have their respective roles.

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S as a boxcar driver with number B 9128 KCA is in charge of buying subsidized fuel to several gas stations in the Sukabumi area using a box car that has had a modified fuel storage capacity.

Then YAS and AG played a role in transferring subsidized fuel to a tank with a capacity of 8 thousand liters. The box truck can accommodate a thousand liters of fuel purchased from several gas stations.

“We are also still developing this case and hunting down other suspects, namely AJ (44) who is the financier or mastermind of this abuse of subsidized fuel,” he said.

Zainal said, according to the statement from the suspect, his illegal business had been running for two weeks. The subsidized fuel is then brought to the Cigombong area, Bogor Regency.

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Subsidized fuel purchased by the suspect at a gas station in Sukabumi was then transferred to a tank with a capacity of 8 thousand liters stored in a truck.

The evidence seized was a white boxed car in which there were three empty fuel tanks and one thousand liters of subsidized fuel.

Then, one unit of yellow box trucks to transport box-shaped tanks made of iron containing 7 thousand liters of subsidized fuel.

Furthermore, one unit of water pumping machine, one unit of special oil pumping machine, one hose with a diameter of two inches and a length of four meters and a hose with a diameter of two inches and a length of six meters.

The three suspects were charged with articles 55, 53, letters B, C and D of Law Number 22 of 2001 concerning Oil and Natural Gas, which carry a penalty of six years in prison.

Reporter: Aditia Aulia Rohman
Editor: Sri Muryono


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