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Yes, it was said that it was found. Of course there will definitely be input from him (Andika)

Jakarta (ANTARA) –

The Chief of Naval Staff (Kasal) who is also the sole candidate for TNI Commander, Admiral TNI Yudo Margono, admitted that he would continue the programs implemented by TNI Commander General TNI Andika Perkasa.

“Yes, of course you have to continue whatever his policies are. Because it’s definitely 2023, this has already been planned for 2022. It’s just a matter of implementing it,” Yudo said on the sidelines of the release of the TNI’s Mantime Task Force (MTF) Konga XXVIII-N/UNIFIL FY 2022 at the Kolinlamil Pier, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Thursday.

Yudo also admitted that he received input from TNI General Andika Perkasa regarding his leadership as TNI commander.

He also stated his readiness to undergo a “fit and proper test” at the DPR on Friday (2/12).

According to Yudo, there was no special preparation to undergo the due diligence.

“Nothing. The important thing is that we have been prepared since it was announced at that time, that means we have to be prepared. There will definitely be a ‘fit and proper test’. Yes, we have to prepare materials that will be questioned by Commission I tomorrow,” said Yudo.

When asked about his feelings about being appointed as TNI commander, Yudo only smiled.

Meanwhile, TNI Commander General TNI Andika Perkasa admitted that he had provided inputs to Admiral Yudo Margono. However, Andika did not explain what input was given to Yudo.

“Oh that’s it. That’s why I said how many times have we met after it was announced. We communicated a lot. But Pak Yudo was ready,” he said.

“But actually Mr. Yudo was elected, it was all the president’s choice with various considerations. Yes, we are happy,” he said.

He admitted that he did not provide input to President Jokowi regarding the candidate for the TNI commander to replace him

“Oh no, no. That’s the president who decides, surely the president knows better,” he said.

TNI Admiral Yudo Margono will undergo a fit and proper test on Friday (2/12) at the DPR as a candidate for TNI commander to replace TNI General Andika Perkasa who will retire at the end of December 2022.

Reporter: Syaiful Hakim
Editor: Chandra Hamdani Noor


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